SD-WAN networks to speed up Latin America’s digital transformation

Companies will be able to hand over connectivity matters either to experts or through an infrastructure lease scheme. Several countries in Latin America have recently started promoting new projects. Their objective is to create a more innovative and competitive environment through the massive and efficient use of technology. In business environments, one of these trends […]

IFX Networks presents SOCaaS

IFX Networks presents IFX SOCaaS, a comprehensive service that allows you to manage cybersecurity risks on an end-to-end basis.   Part of IFX Networks’ broad portfolio is the SOCaaS (Security Operation Center as a Service). It is a comprehensive service that allows cybersecurity risks to be managed on an end-to-end basis, with a support network […]

How can I take care of my company’s valuable data?

The cloud that can store “oceans” of data in a safe and simple way   Owning a business is no simple task, and every entrepreneur knows exactly how challenging it can be. Ensuring your company’s growth and profitability, establishing appropriate strategies and managing resources are only some of the many challenges entrepreneurs must face. Nevertheless, […]

Business in time of crisis ¿Why should you use a cloud system?

Economic crisis in recent years has expanded across Latin America triggering the business need to implement solutions to reduce costs and maintenance and consequently increase security: cloud migration was the chosen option. By Hernán Sabby, Product Leader at IFX Networks. This model of consuming technology as a service (applications, computing and hosting) without making investment, […]

IFX Clear Path improves communication experience with public cloud.

IFX Networks introduces IFX Clear Path, a product that allows end user to improve experience in communication with different public clouds’ resources. The new service is supported by a very robust IP/MPLS network at a regional level that ensures a high-performance private connectivity with a guaranteed bandwidth and end-to-end stability. It also provides the possibility […]

IFX Networks has announced new Commercial Manager for Chile

Francisco Javier Fuentes Moya will lead the commercial team in Chile to achieve a better positioning of the Company locally focused on delivering a world-class service to our customers. IFX Networks, Latin American Managed Service Provider (MSP), telecommunications and ITC managed services has announced the promotion of Francisco Javier Fuentes Moya as the new Commercial […]

IFX Networks announces new Commercial Manager for Argentina

Juan Pablo Iorii will be in charge of local sales and will also focus on increasing company presence in Uruguay. IFX Networks, Latin-American Managed Service Provider (MSP), telecommunications and IT managed services, announced the incorporation of Juan Pablo Iorii as the new Commercial Manager for Argentina. Such appointment has the challenge of leading the sales […]

3 cybercrime prevention tips for SMEs.

Studies state that 7 out of 10 cyber-attacks target small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs), of which 60% disappear 6 months later. Argentina is the fourth most vulnerable country in Latin America to cybercrime. The focus of criminals is information and their radar is oriented towards vulnerabilities in systems, turning every unprotected company into the […]