How can I take care of my company’s valuable data?

The cloud that can store “oceans” of data in a safe and simple way


Owning a business is no simple task, and every entrepreneur knows exactly how challenging it can be. Ensuring your company’s growth and profitability, establishing appropriate strategies and managing resources are only some of the many challenges entrepreneurs must face. Nevertheless, novice business owners tend to forget about an extremely important element when trying to add value to their business: a proper IT (information technology) structure.


It’s no secret that data is one of the most valuable resources of the 21st century. Business giants like Netflix, Facebook and eBay know this and have obtained tremendous success by profiting from data usage. What these companies have in common is that they have complex processing and storage systems made to avoid data loss. They keep all their information in data storage servers located in gigantic rooms under impeccable maintenance and security measures. Basically, they treat their data as if it were made of gold (in a certain way, it sort of is). These facilities are called data centers.


Having said this, it’s easy to fall under the misconception that having an ideal data center is only possible if you’re a tech giant or a unicorn startup. These companies clearly have the resources required to build adequate infrastructure for data storage, unlike smaller, more independent businesses.


However, this is far from reality. Nowadays, intermediaries offer technological solutions to

businesses both big and small. It doesn’t matter if your company is just starting out or if it’s already highly established; each business can receive a service tailored to their own needs.


These intermediaries are called Managed Service Providers (MSP). Even though the name may sound fancy, MSPs have a straightforward purpose: to provide suitable IT foundations with their respective solutions. Their services are managed by a designated provider and work with a subscription-based business model. It’s basically like paying virtual rent but with a lot more benefits.


An example of this type of service is IFX Networks, a telecommunications company located in the southern hemisphere with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. This company offers clients options for hosting, processing and storing data, along with proper data protection for each user. The service works by using either private (MSPL and EPL) or public data networks (Internet, SD-WAN).


IFX’s products allow clients to host customer accounts and manage important company information. They also provide guaranteed protection against information loss or theft, allowing the client to sit back and relax while IFX manages their data security. Customers can also request additional services like Office 365 integration or PBX installation for internal company communication.


In the long run, hiring this type of service is much more cost-effective than trying to self-manage a business’s important data. Consequently, any company, regardless of their size, will have to deal with managing large amounts of virtual information. Most of the time, storing it in several different devices only exposes it to possible theft, loss or damage.

You can view IFX Networks portfolio here:



  • IFX Cloud Server
  • IFX Cloud White Label
  • IFX Datacenter Dedicated Server
  • IFX Datacenter Colocation
  • IFX Cloud 365
  • IFX Cloud PBX
  • IFX Cloud Contact Center
  • IFX Cloud for ERP


Managed Network:

  • IFX Internet Premium
  • IFX Data Transport
  • IFX Content Express
  • IFX Clear Path
  • IFX Backup Lite


Managed solutions:

  • IFX Wifi as a Service
  • IFX Security Solutions
  • IFX Professional Services
  • IFX Watcher

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