IFX Networks presents SOCaaS

IFX Networks presents IFX SOCaaS, a comprehensive service that allows you to manage cybersecurity risks on an end-to-end basis.


Part of IFX Networks’ broad portfolio is the SOCaaS (Security Operation Center as a Service). It is a comprehensive service that allows cybersecurity risks to be managed on an end-to-end basis, with a support network of experts, dedicated to safeguarding Information Security, from monitoring and reporting the status of systems, to monitoring the mitigation of risks detected at a regional level.

This service aims to centralize, monitor, prevent, detect, evaluate and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents in a dedicated and organized manner, as well as ensure compliance with legal regulations related to digital assets managed by companies. 

Additionally, it has three layers that define it: the visibility layer, which allows to identify and investigate the attacks through the collection of events of the monitored equipment; the analysis layer, which aims to detect and analyze the most advanced attacks before they can have an impact on the entity based on a correlation; and the action layer, which allows specific action on the most important incidents.


There are numerous benefits to SOCaaS:


Detection and analysis: detection of unsafe behaviors and threats from users of the studied systems. 

Robust visibility: provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the IT infrastructure’s state and the impact it has on the business, allowing for better decision making, projecting future needs associated with capacity and performance of the services.

Specific action: blocking cyber attacks launched from inside or outside the company.

Risk reduction: proactive monitoring, essential to prevent communicational equipment and application risks; these are crucial for the business’ safety and operation.

Correlation of events: through defined methodology and procedures, an analysis of the incident is carried out, collating information from different sources, determining if it affects critical systems and reviewing which set of data has been affected.

Higher level of protection: having absolute control over the company’s computer security through the complete administration of events in real time.


IFX Networks currently has alliances with two strategic partners to offer SOCaaS services: NewNet and S&A ASSOCIATED CONSULTANTS. With their support, our own connectivity network and our experience, we managed to provide this service to companies of great worldwide recognition and technological requirements, making an analysis of the specific needs of the customer to design the best solution and guarantee a complete vision of the network environment’s security status. The service’s implementation and tech support are provided by professional experts from IFX Networks and the selected partner.

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