We give ISVS the possibility to customize their cloud resources in whichever way needed.

IFX Networks inserts itself between other MSPs and CSPs with a series of differentiated offers, and an infrastructure highly available. Now, IFX has been certified by Cloud and Infrastructure Operations from SAP.

“It was really important, because even though we’ve been working with SAP, in the different versions of their systems Business One and S/4HANA, this certification has positioned us another way. SAP audited not only our data-centers, but also the cloud infrastructure that we have, and the processes related to these products. Many people work with servers and SAP certified supervisors, but the certification we’ve obtained also audited the processes we have in relation to these services” asserted Hernán Sabbi, IFX Networks Argentina product leader.

IFX also allows customers build servers with the exact configuration that they need, in comparison to other providers which only allow the selection of the servers based on a menu. “Furthermore, we don’t charge for cloud use or traffic. A customer needs to have their operation working 365 days a year without having to worry about the expenses of keeping the servers running.” claims Sabbi.


In recent years, these advantages have been attracting developers, ISVs and software providers as a service (SaaS). “All software vendors that come to us or business partnerships that we’ve formed, have come our way due to the advantages we’ve mentioned. One of the advantages being the possibility to customize infrastructure resources specifically for an ISV which has specific requirements to run their systems, this provides added value” explains the IFX Product Manager

To these advantages is also added the customer service, and a procurement department, which is independent of the NOC and the engineering area, and can support levels 1, 2 and 3. This is accompanied by certified personnel in the technologies being used.

Regarding SAP certification, Sabbi clarifies: «We do not give exclusivity. We can give other suppliers equipment so they can put together Software as a Service, and all the tools you need to test and mold the cloud the way you need it to be exposed to the market with a SaaS scheme”. As an example of this, IFX can exhibit numerous business cases. IFX clients today include “Grupo Calipso”, “TOTVS”, “Baires Business Consulting” (for its Sage customers) and “WESAP”.

Recently, IFX was ranked within the MSP501 as number one in Latin America and number 26 in the ranking of companies worldwide. The annual MSP501 list is the largest and most comprehensive classification survey of managed service providers, and is based on information collected by Channel Futures and Channel Partners.


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